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There are events, there are celebrations, we are sure you want them to remember lifetime.

Corporate Events

Meetings, conferences, award shows, meetups, and more as corporate event artists we are the most organized reputed team in Delhi NCR, we make sure to include comprehensive details for perfect corporate event performances by international artists.

Celebrity Appearance

The idea, when you want celebrities to host your event with you this comes with a goal of making your events memorable for everyone. Ayaan Entertainment is a celebrity management company that makes this dream reality.

Weddings Artist

Wedding planning is all time considerable social event since childhood parents keep preparing themselves, they dream. Not just they, but Groom & Bride both dream for this day, it’s natural & you want our artists there, to make the party memorable.

Ayaan Entertainment

{An international artist management company}

Bringing Global Stars to Your Doorstep.

Ayaan Entertainment is a reputable artist management company with operations spanning across India. While their main headquarters is located in Delhi, they provide services nationwide. One of their specialties is bringing international talent to various locations in India, particularly in cities such as Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

The company focuses on managing and representing a diverse range of artists, specifically in the fields of music and dance. Ayaan Entertainment collaborates with renowned musical artists, bringing their talent and performances to Indian audiences. Additionally, they have established connections with acclaimed and celebrated dance artists who showcase their skills in selected locations.

With their extensive network and expertise in artist management, Ayaan Entertainment has become a go-to agency for sourcing and arranging performances by international artists. Their presence and reach throughout India allow them to cater to the entertainment needs of different regions, ensuring that audiences have access to exceptional artistic experiences.

Overall, Ayaan Entertainment operates as a prominent artist management company in India, leveraging their connections and expertise to bring internationally acclaimed musical and dance artists to various cities across the country.

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happiest customers


Hardeep Singh

“Thank you so very much to you all for the most wonderful artists. Still have amazing memories – Thank you for looking after us all so well! I’m very happy”

Damanreet kaur

“Thank you so much you made this day very special. as a mother, I believe & waited for this day and there everything was beautiful, I am thankful to you”

Ashutosh Bansal

“I am Ashutosh Bansal, I had a list of 1000 guests, i know after this event almost everyone said from where i got your contact, even some of them asked me your no.